Bill Collection Mobile App :-


Bill Collection Mobile App



Utilities Mobile App, a special app designed and developed for utilities

service providers such as water and electricity to enables their agents

to collect payment on the go through their smart phones.


Who benefits the most …?

This App serves mainly electricity or water service providers as well as

any businesses handling door to door bill distribution and payment



App Installation:

– Compatible with Android operating system.
– Easy to install on the agent’s Android smart phone or tablet to start bill

collection with different access rights.
– Simple App setting to connect to the enterprise system through secured

user name and password.
– Works with online mode for immediate effects on the billing management

system and customer accounts.
– Print receipts using any Bluetooth/mobile printer.


Key Functions:

1. Display subscriber’s outstanding invoices, balances and due dates.
2. Make payments and print receipts
3. Print receipt via mobile – printers.


Key Features:

1. Fetch subscriber data from the main server using his subscriber id to

retrieve all needed information.
2. Top-up confirmation message before submitting any payment including

payment amount, subscriber name, subscriber number and payment

method (cash or cheque).
3. Flexible payments by accepting full and partial bill payments as well as

advance payments.
4. Immediate effect on the Billing Management system and customer

accounts balances.
5. Payment stays on pending status until a confirmation message is

received form the billing management with a corresponding receipt