Customer Self Service :-


Customer Self Service



Customer Self Service Mobile Application is communication tool

for Onyx software users to facilitate fulfilling quick tasks related to

clients to manage their activities and develop their business



Targeted Users:

All commercial or service business enterprises using Onyx Software.

The application should be installed on clients mobile.


Utilization Technique:

• Compatible with Android & iPhone operating systems.
• To be used online and linked with Onyx Software.
• Control screens names from Onyx software.
• Multilingual; English, French and Arabic.
• Activation of API to use bills payment.


Key Functions:

1. Exchange of official documents with clients for balances

matching, sending accounts like quotations, client’s order or

invoice and the statement of account…etc.
2. Cash transfer between the client accounts, for another client

account, send cash transfer to client or beneficiary.
3. Bills payment based on available services in the client area.
4. Continuous communication among clients via chat messages;

updating the client’s updatable business and contact data.



Key Features:

1. Institutionalization of Onyx users in the enterprise to be

shown for all clients of application users.
2. Display transfers transaction in terms of balances or status.
3. Define using local currency or others.
4. Control transfer transactions among accounts and define

the allowed daily ceiling of the application transactions.
5. Control the most important transactions of the application

to achieve secure utilization.
6. Display client’s location addresses via GPS and identify the

closest for direct access.
7. Update clients via news bar.