Distribution Track :-


Distribution Track



Our new intelligent Distribution Tracking App will monitor and

track all your distribution movement step by step, the App will

track progress of each agent’s distribution plan along with multiple

dashboards and reports.


App Specifications:

• New Android & IOS Mobile App.
• Easily installed on any smart phone or tablet.
• Simple App setting to connect to the enterprise Onyx system.
• Supports online mode only.
• Mainly for distribution supervisor or managers to track the whole

distribution process online.
• Online tracking for the distribution progress on agents level.


Key Functions:

1. Display the distribution agent’s routes and movements on google

maps indicating his arrival to the client’s site.
2. Provide visits summery reports including net sales, returns and

all related transactions per agent.
3. Reporting Agents transaction, visits along with the details and

4. Distribution KPI’s, indicating top 10 agents per transaction

5. Display the agent or client last transaction.