Employee Self Service :- 


Employee Self Service



Employee Self Service Mobile Application to facilitate and develop HR

services for employees by handling requests and feedbacks and remote

follow-up via employee’s mobile until the employee’s service is carried out.


Targeted Users:

All commercial or service business enterprises using Onyx Software for

their employee’s service.


Utilization Technique:

• Compatible with Android operating system only.
• To be used online and linked with HR and related Financial Onyx

Management Software.
• To be provided with needed privileges for employees by Human

Resources department.


Key Functions:

1. Allow the employee to carry out service request procedures such as

mission request, leave request, advance request, etc. It also allows the

employee to display his service phases up to be carried out.
2. Display various procedures by the responsible to implement the

required procedures for the employee service.
3. Display the responsible for any details related to the employee services

or obligations to facilitate his service fulfillment.
4. The employee can review his rights or obligations like his salary

voucher or his attendance and leave records.


Key Features:

1. Provide miscellaneous dashboard reports that can be displayed by the

employee or responsible as per privileges.
2. Allow the employee to update his variable data allowed in Human

Resources Management Software.
3. Provide facilitation to develop relations with employees and fulfill their

services without need for time-use for follow-up.