Inventory Stocking App Mobile :-


Inventory Stocking App Mobile



Stock Inventory Mobile App is the enhanced fastest way to preform warehouse

inventory (partial or full cycle counts) simply through any mobile phone and

upload all activities to Onyx ERP Solutions.


Targeted Users:

Our new Inventory Stocking App is a very handy and helpful tool for any business

entity or organization.



– Compatible with Android operating system.
– Supports online mode for immediate communication with Onyx ERP System

as well as supporting offline activities which can be uploaded latter.
– Carry out items inventory count using internal integrated Barcode reader,

external Barcode reader or simply via the mobile camera.
– The app supports manually data entry as well.


Key Functions:

1. Retrieve inventory information from Onyx ERP System online.
2. Scan all inventory item’s Barcode for any specific inventory.
3. Store all inventory counts, activities and results then upload them to Onyx

ERP System at any time.


Key Features:

1. The ability to start multiple inventory counts for any warehouse with the

capability of preforming partial stocking and complete it later.
2. All inventory counts and stocking are takes place on the item level which

makes it so flexible.
3. User-friendly with the ability of scheduling inventory activities based on

the organization procedures (Weekly, Monthly …etc.).
4. The ability to perform inventory counts on quantity or piece.
5. The ability to modify quantities or deletion items.