Motakamel plus Mobile :-


Motakamel Plus Mobile



Motakamel plus Mobile App, a powerful tool to track and report

all enterprise accounts, stocks balances, clients and vendors activities

through advanced modern dashboard. Which was designed to display

the main KPI’s and enable management to make the correct decision

and take the right action by simple clicks.


Who benefits the most …?

Motakamel plus Mobile App was mainly designed for businessmen

and executive management to provide them with an easy and full

control on their companies.



– Compatible with Android operating system.
– Connects online with Motakamel Plus system to execute action

and retrieve information.


App Specification:

– Favorite list for quick access.
– Multiple reporting filters for more accurate data.
– Full access rights to authorize user’s transactions.


Key Functions:

1. Display payables & receivables, cash & banks accounts balances

and much more information.
2. Display inventory quantities per item or warehouse along with

turnovers during any specified periods.
3. Summarized and detailed reports to follow up data sales and

client’s transactions on client level.
4. Summarized and detailed reports for vendor’s purchases on

the vendor level.


Key Features:

1. Highest 5 clients, vendors, items or accounts.
2. Several filters for branches, activity, periods and much more