Ultimate Solutions Corporation Honored at Family Business Forum and Jeddah 6th Industrial Forum

April 22nd, 2016

As part of its social responsibility, Ultimate Solutions co-sponsored economic events organized by Arabian Mihad Events (AME), in strategic partnership with Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with the presence of government officials, businessmen, executive directors, consultants and several specialists.

Family business represents the most important pillars of the Saudi economy. Ultimate Solutions sponsored the Family Business Forum  on 10th -13th  April, 2016, which aimed at sharing the best administrative and legal practices to achieve sustainability and development of family-owned businesses as well as the continuous improvement of these businesses by the new generations.

Ultimate Solutions has also co-sponsored the 6th Jeddah Industrial Forum on April 20th, 2016, which aims at guiding youth towards industry and adopting innovative and leading projects. The Forum also contributes to the development of ideas that help in the success, continuity and activation of the industrial partnership between public and private sectors, the national shift towards local industry as well as development of Saudi products export potential and the  increase of their competitiveness.

Ultimate Solutions was honored for providing software for the organization of institutional work in the industrial, commercial, government and private sectors to ensure the real growth of economic enterprises through performance governance and service sustainability, as well as control regular practices in the economic system.