New Year – Ultimate Solutions Holds Its Annual Meeting and Honors Outstanding Employees

Ultimate Solutions appreciates clients absolute trust, and therefore it develops  work procedures, communication mechanisms, software implementation and following up clients performance in Saudi market in its annual meeting held in the head office in Jeddah. The branches of Riyadh, eastern and western regions participated in the annual meeting during which the new year plan and update and development programs were approved.

On this occasion Ultimate Solutions honored outstanding staff for their performance, relationship with clients and work outcomes.

Honored employees were Mr.  Fuad Abdo Saeed, Riyadh branch and Mr. Mahioub  Al-Majidi, Jeddah branch. Eng. Ismail Al-Shameri, Riyadh branch manager, had honored branch outstanding employees earlier. Besides, Ultimate Solutions granted honor shield to executive manager Eng.  Ali Mahioub.