Ultimate Solutions in the Global Exhibition for Technology CeBIT 2016

March 18th, 2016

Ultimate Solutions participated in the Global Exhibition for Technology (CeBIT), held in Hannover, Germany. The absolute trust of clients has made Ultimate Solutions the focus of attention in international business settings. In this year’s exhibition, Ultimate Solutions presented OnyxPro and Motakamel Plus2, and delivered presentations and information about its experts’ innovations, continuous development and diversity of clients.

Ultimate Solutions attracted the attention of CeBIT experts with perfect software that strongly achieved organizational building by handling the financial and administrative transactions and the specialized professional performance, as well as supporting business growth and expansion.

CeBIT visitors learned about the projects implemented by Ultimate Solutions for governments and international organizations that enhanced the computerization of their business and organization of work procedures. “The participation of Ultimate Solutions in CeBIT is a scientific responsibility in a revolving world of technology. It reflects absolute trust in Ultimate Solutions software performance and contributions to business development,” says Engineer Ali Al-Yousofy, Director General.

CeBIT is the largest and most important global gathering of technology industry tools, techniques, development research, and variables to meet the business needs and requirements of people’s lives. It’s held annually and gains exceptional attention of technology developers worldwide.