Onyx Mobile 



ONYX Performance Indicators, new intelligent App that manages

the whole financial performance businesses including accounts, clients

and vendors. The app provides multiple reporting dashboards to display

the organization KPI’s. The App provide full document and request

approval capability.
Our new intelligent App enables management to monitor the business

performance online at any time and from anywhere, so they can react

faster and take the proper action to overcome any deficiencies on time.


Who benefits the most …?

ONYX Performance Indicators was mainly designed for businessmen

and executive management to have an easy and full control on their

companies through multiple performance indicators, dashboards as well

as requests approval.




ONYX Performance Indicators contain different modules

which can be used separately:

• Financial Indicators.
• Clients Indicators.
• Vendors Indicators.


Key Functions: 

1- Multiple KPI’s dashboards.

2- Monitor cash, balances, receivables, payables, payments and different

types of accounts.

3- Display different type’s sales and the associated profit margin for each


4- Generate statement of account (summery or details)

5- Perform Perform action such as document approval.

6- Monitor inventory and track products movements, prices and quantities.


Key Features:

1- Dynamic dashboard for cash, credit and debit with multiple filters such

as date, project, activity type, branch… etc.
2- Sorting feature for any displayed results.
3- Monitor exchange rates and accounts balances.

Other Features:

1- Search and favorite list for quick and easy use.

2- Full access rights to authorize user’s transactions.
3- Chatting with other users and receiving notifications.
4-  Users addresses book.