Onyx Orders App :-


Onyx Orders App



Onyx Orders App is the fastest way to manage customer’s orders.

Sales agents can easily submit all client’s and distributer’s orders

from their own mobile phones.
Onyx orders App allows sales agent to navigate through all products,

client’s list and inventory to place the correct order in seconds.


Who benefits the most …?

Onyx orders App facilitates the distribution process for all businesses

and mainly industrial, commercial and marketing companies.



• Compatible with Android latest versions.
• Easily install on any Android smart phone or tablet.
• Simple App setting to connect to the enterprise Onyx system.
• With one click, start the App on your phone and start submitting

orders to Onyx ERP system online.
• Enhanced bare code reader for product’s details entry.


Key Functions:

1. Display enterprise inventory and stock availability details.
2. Connects with Onyx ERP system to retrieve products details,

submit and save orders online
3. Sync data with Onyx ERP system and maintain all orders



Key Features:

1. Display client’s name, products, balances and credit limit.
2. Capture products, drivers, client, location and much more

information while submitting orders
3. Fetch & display prices, taxes, discounts and free items from

Onyx System online.
4. Capability of linking orders with location, representative or

sales agents.
5. Support reserving products through future orders and multiple

payment methods.