Onyx Pro Attendance App :-


Onyx Pro Attendance App


Onyx Pro app to attend and leave on the phone:

Prove your presence on your site:

An application in the employee’s mobile that notifies you of the time

of attendance and departure from any point in the institution’s sites

that he is at work.

🞀 The flexibility of employee attention to take care of accomplishing

his duties wherever he is.
🞀 The privacy that the employee deserves in his health, time, and

work program.
🞀 Dependence on the employee’s mobile phone in his hand without

moving or waiting.


The technology of use:

🞀 Dealing with smartphones
And normal in any operating environment.
🞀 The employee’s request for management approval
Resources after downloading the application.
🞀 The app adopts a personal identity
Only one on mobile.
🞀 Matching name and job number
To define employee entry.
🞀 Internet link to work sites
Added external application.
🞀 Proof of employee events upon arrival
For the resource record at Onyx.


The most important features:

– The ability to define the permissible locations to prove the employee’s

presence through the internal network or via GPS.
High security by dealing with the employee’s one-on-one identity.
– The ability to verify the identity of the employee via more than one

pattern via his mobile phone (such as checking the face, the fingerprint,

or the handprint, etc.)
– The ability to store the employee’s movement on his mobile phone until

he is connected to the network
– The ability to define external job sites added to the application from

resource management at the level of each employee.
– Easily prove employee events in the Onyx HR Pro.
– Onyx Pro app for attendance and leaving by phone is compatible with

human resource solutions, salaries, wages, attendance, and leave that

integrate with account solutions also to ensure the success of your facility.