Onyx Shopping :-


Onyx Shopping



Onyx Shopping is a new ecommerce mobile App which enables individual

customers to connect and start shopping online. Orders are automatically

received and shipped to the customers.


App Users:

Individual customers will be signed on to start online shopping.



– Compatible with Android & iPhone operating systems.
– Retail stores for businesses using Onyx will be updated with special link to

enroll them for the new online shopping.
– Customers will sign up to the online shopping at the retails stores and get

their users and temporary passwords to sign in.
– Clients will download the App and start shopping online immediately.


Key Functions:

1. Enable customers to navigate through specific retail store products.
2. Place online order and reserve products immediately from the retail store

3. Synchronize with Onyx ERP system for all online order.


Key Features:

1. The users can select any retail store or location on the App to place their order.
2. Retail stores can display and report all new orders along with the client’s

information for delivery.