Distribution Management

Distribution Management Advantages

  • Configuring advantages of customers, agents, distributors, and representatives as well as their expenses.
  • Configuring accurate and flexible performance indicators for representatives and supervisors, which can be updated.
  • Setting up plans of route lines for sales representatives and promoters by products, regions or any other category approved by the organization in accordance to its study for the market and competitors.
  • Carrying out system transactions of invoices and vouchers by Android or Pocket PC devices.
  • Stocktaking the customers inventory to monitor items transaction with customers.
  • Saving and analyzing the information provided by representatives about the market and competitors.


  • Quick and easy access to detailed information about items, customers, agents, promoters and prices, and the outcomes representatives study of the market and competitors.
  • Reducing risks of loss of goods and collected amounts.
  • Issuing reports according to the required options as route lines, regions, products, or representatives; in addition to statistical information about performance, market, and competitors.