It is a website, in which, both sellers and buyers interact rapidly and flexibly. It allows the website visitors to view products and services with their details. It also allows customers to purchase items using online payment, and receive them using shipping or delivery services.

Why E-commerce Website?

  • 1- To ensure that your customers can reach your website from anywhere around the world.
    2- To increase sales and achieve sustainable growth.
    3- To use modern technology to meet customers’ needs.

Ecommerce Website design Features :

  • 1) Provides customers with full ownership over the website, its components, designs, and databases, as well as keeping a backup of it.
    2) Enriches user experience considering customer’s business nature.
    3) Supports multi-languages.
    4) Provides easy linking with electronic payment services.
    5) Deals with multiple currencies and sets a default currency for data and accounts.
    6) Shows icons for social media links, such as: YouTube, Facebook, Google+, etc.
    7) Supports live chat service.

  • 8) Supports sending SMS and WhatsApp messages to the required contacts if needed.
    9) Allows printing purchases invoices, sending them with the purchased goods, and saving an electronic invoice in the user’s account.
    10) Provides multiple e-commerce website dashboards to manage all store’s tasks and promotional offers. It also allows customers to manage their accounts.
    11) Provides flexible search tool.
    12) Manages users’ access privileges according to their responsibilities with flexible options.
    13) Supports products’ return option, according to the adopted policies, using an authorized form.
    14) Provides various statistics and reports with diverse options for purchases, web traffic, and inventory and product movements.

Web Pages Design Features:

  • 1- The website design is attractive and complies with all types of devices’ screens (mobile, tablet, computer, etc.).
    2- It is flexible as it allows adding any number of products and services in the store’s main and sub categories.
    3- It contains an interactive blog allows interacting with customers, as well as, enables customers to add notes and know more about the store’s profile, products, shopping steps, and promotional offers.
    4- It archives all website pages in the search engines by building an automatic SEO friendly site map to facilitate visitors’ access to the store.
    5- It contains an FAQ page.
    6- It customizes advertising spaces for products in different templates and webpages, and allows managing advertising publication.

Products Display Features:

1. Display products in many attractive forms.
2. Manages timely-limited products’ offers , customized discounts, coupons, or any other offers.
3. Products display templates contain basic product and marketing information fields such as: features, prices, images, and videos, if available.
4. Compares between different products based on descriptions, prices, and pictures.
5. Shipping and delivery at multiple prices according to the customer’s address.
6. Displays detailed invoice, which can be saved and printed.

Advantages of Linking to Onyx ERP

1 Synchronizing products, groups, areas, and offers with ONYX ERP solutions.
2 Adding registered customers on the online store as Cash or On Credit customers in the ONYX ERP.
3 Receiving the store requests directly in ONYX ERP as if they are customers’ requests.
4 Using ONYX ERP multiple warehouses that are near to the customer’s area.