Fixed Assets Management System

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Fixed Assets Management Advantages

  • Defining the asset related financial and non-financial data.
  • Inputting assets transfer transactions either between branches, cost centers, sites or employees.
  • Carrying out transactions of asset appreciation, depreciation or exclusion either in quantities or values.
  • Recording transactions of assets depreciations calculation and adjustments carried out in quantities or values.
  • Carrying out transactions of assets evaluation in the market values when assets values are expired or renewed.
  • Inputting transactions of assets stocktaking and comparing with on hand balances, with the capability of evaluation.
  • The capability of converting warehouse items to assets; or fixed assets to warehouse items.


  • Loading every period with what its allocations when carrying out transactions of depreciation, addition or exclusion.
  • Linking assets with sites, cost centers, activities, and projects.
  • Following up asset’s movements, place of existence, stocktaking, depreciations, and recognizing its variable states.
  • Depreciating asset to the colose day or month; and allowing stopped and experied asset depreciation.
  • Displaying productivity efficiency data of asset and expenses disbursed on.
  • Providing future data about assets and their remaining ages.
  • Issuing multiple reports such as: assets dat, movements, depreciations, ….etc.