Payroll System

It manages employees’ dues and deductions, audits their loans and financial custodies, and issues their salary sheets.

Key Features

  • – Configures salaries and wages flexibly based on the organization’s nature and country’s laws.
    – Processes salaries and wages procedures rapidly.
    – Generates and displays detailed and summarized reports for employees’ salaries and benefits with various options.
    – Monitors financial custodies and clearances, loans and repayments, easily, flexibly, and in the meantime.
    – Calculates salary differences, whenever required, for previous months retroactively.
    – Calculates employees’ salaries accurately, taking into consideration different, administrative movements; such as, work resumptions, suspensions, leaves, etc.
    – Integrates with other ONYX ERP systems, and renders the effects of financial accounts across them.

Key Functions

  • – Entering all employees’ details including personal data, job details, documents, tickets, etc., to record employees’ identities.
    – Defining the regulations and policies associated with benefits, deductions, end of service and retirement according to the organization policies and country’s laws.
    – Defining employees’ payroll articles in detail including, extra payments, and deductions according to the organization’s regulations and administrative decisions.
    – Receiving, approving, and following up requests of loans, financial custodies, clearances, and deserved leaves dues.

  • – Registering and approving employees’ monthly financial variables; including, dues, and deductions, and scheduling loans according to the organization policies.
    – Processing and approving all financial data associated with employees’ payroll, issuing salary statements, payslips, and generating various reports.
    – Issuing employees’ benefits either individually or collectively.
    – Sending HR letters to any concerning third party as per the company’s policy.