Sales Management System

The process of stocktaking via manual technical devices (devices) is an effective tool for those who have numerous items or carrying out multiple times of stocktaking during a year.

Sales Management Advantages

  • The capability of coding multiple types of sales, orders, returns and sales charges.
  • Completing, following up, evaluating all sales procedures such as issuing customers orders and quotations as well as inputting sales and returns bills.
  • Crediting the financial impact automatically on accounts related to revenues and receivables, cash and others.
  • Handling promotional offers in flexible and multiple options.


  • Configuring sales management system flexibly with respect to prices, serialization mechanism of invoices returns, method of granting free items and discounts, in addition to preparing promotional offers and so on.
  • Issuing data reports about sales transactions, returns, customers orders, and quotations in form of total or detailed and in multiple options.
  • The capability of issuing comparison reports that includes required information in various options.