Auditing and Posting Management System

Auditing and Posting Management Advantages

  • Auditing different documents for all transactions that have financial imapct and approve them.
  • Matching miscellaneous accounts statements with total balances or items details such as statements of customers, vendors, and others, in addition to carraying out the required processing.
  • Monitoring accounts management and controlling performance …..


  • Not allowing carraying out any closing unless all documents are audited.
  • The capability of issuing reports of audited and unaudited documents.
  • Issuing reports that are displayed after auditing.
  • Ensuring any transaction and its correct procedures before approving to be carried out.
  • Evaluating the carried out transactions during any period.
  • Issuing miscellaneous reports of audited and unaduited transactions; issuing accounts statements before and after auditing; and discovering the audited, unaudited and rejected transactions.