Restaurants’ Delivery App :-


Restaurants’ Delivery App


Ultimate FERP App :

For Restaurants Management System clients Your meal is just

a few taps away The perfect app to receive and deliver restaurant

orders. Just upload app, order your meal, pay with accepted

methods, and easily track your order.


Features :

1- Save your time and effort. Your order is delivered to your

doorstep or made ready before you reach restaurant.

2- High flexibility by accepting different payment methods.

3- Wide range of options to select or cancel meal components.

4- Regularly follow up offered discounts.

5- Get information on different new dishes

6- Save your favorite dishes and easily make orders


How to Use Ultimate FERP :

1- The app is available for both iOS and Android. Just connect

with internet, make your order, and activate GPS to link address

with order.

2- Browse restaurant menu and register your order which appears

in restaurant management system.


Main App Functions :

1- Get access to different dishes and deals

2- Enter your address when you make an order

3- Add food you are craving from menu to shopping cart to register


4- Select how to receive your order: pick from restaurant or get it

delivered straight to your address

5- Pay with the methods you choose

6- Send your order and get notification upon reception

7- Track your meal from order to delivery