Restaurants’ Menu App :-


Restaurants’ Menu App



Restaurant Mobile Application facilitates the client via displaying

all types of food photos on mobile or tablet to choose his order. Then

the client order will be received to issue the bill for follow-up and

Restaurant Mobile Application comprises of modules with specific

tasks like chef organization of orders menu, organization of client

order delivery and management follow-up of miscellaneous

administrative reports and indicators.


Targeted Users:

Restaurants providing meals and take-away to be used for offering

meals to clients, organizing orders, providing quick service, follow-

up order preparation and delivery.


Utilization Technique:

• Compatible with Android operating system only.
• To be used online.
• To be installed on the user’s mobile and linked with Restaurant

Management Software server.
• Configuration of language, printer, chef screen and reports.
• Configuration of orders settings and users’ privileges.


Application Modules:

Orders billing: to receive the client’s order in details, send the

order to the chef, follow-up the order preparation and delivery, carry

out any addition or modification on the order up to payment.
Chef Screen: to display and organize orders preparation.
Delivery Service: to handle the client order delivery, bill payment

and posting to Restaurant Management Software by the concerned

Reports: to follow-up miscellaneous performance indicators

about food turnover and staff performance.
Chef Screen to display orders organization and completion
Any of the above-mentioned components can be used separately

but it is better to use the whole package for outstanding administrative

and operational outcomes.


Key Functions: 

1. Receiving, billing and following up the client’s order.
2. Organizing clients’ orders in terms of type and place.
3. Displaying and marking the ready/ prepared orders by the chef.
4. Follow-up of performance indicators and reports.


Key Features:

1. Displaying meals dishes photos to the client to choose the order.
2. Receiving more than an order on the table or in the bill.
3. Shifting the bill from table to another.
4. Easy displaying and closing previous orders and displaying the

due bills for payment follow-up.
5. Updating meals, bills and sections data easily.
6. Getting accurate data for item, transactions, and clients for

follow-up and auditing easily.