Software Implementation

Implementation solution for the best of your business starts here


Some of the benefits the user could gain include: practicing users knowledge and skills directly on the software, using workshop method that could achieve users interaction, ensuring client’s safe shifting to use systems on time defined in implementation plan, exceeding software configuration phases, charts building, groups organization, and setting privileges according to business nature with the help of Ultimate KL’s experts supervision as well as granting the clients’ employees required trust to make use of systems capabilities

Users apply their knowledge and skills directly and gain trust to use system functions.

Client completes the stage of software configuration, charts building, groups organization, and setting privileges according to business nature with the help of Ultimate Solutions implementation consultant.

Safe shifting to use systems on the time defined in implementation plan.

  • Implementation Method:
  • Prior coordination and agreement with client on all implementation processes
  • Designing a timed plan of for client with clear objectives, tasks, duties, and to be signed
  • Applying workshop style that achieves users interaction in work sessions
  • Preparation

    There are steps we take to prepare in order to carry out the system implementation such as ; on site visit to the client to study their business requirements, coordinate with system administrator/consultant who’s entitled in signing reports, making sure of client’s data readiness and quality level, design a special and suitable model and implementation plan for the client’s business nature and also for all sessions minutes to be signed and approved by the client


    • Defining time you need for implementing one or a group
    • Distributing the tasks and objectives between the plan
    • Specifying the consultant and client responsibilities in executing the plan items
    • Specifying the client team who will be involved in the process


    • Taking backup of work and saving it in the path agreed upon
    • Executing tasks specified in form of an official session of training
    • Giving chance for users to use software and correct their mistakes
    • Discussing users and making sure that they have acquire knowledge and skills
    • Providing necessary recommendations for users to develop their performance
    • Signing work session minute with client for approval


  • Necessary to complete the required sessions
  • The consultant shall supervise on users performance of implementation
  • The consultant will ensure the system administrator manages his/her tasks accordingly
  • Both consultant and client have to sign on record of implementation process of completion
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