Solutions Development

A simple management process to determine the better way to solve whatever it is your business requires

Software Updates

Software versions are updated for the following reasons:

Add new requirements approved by research and development team.

Add the special requirements of market and new activities.

Make necessary updates for software environment and the way they are used.

Overcome previous versions deficiencies.

  • Updates are made on limited items and sometimes do not include all software but are still important to clients as a whole. Ultimate KL provides a comprehensive version for the applied modules of software and environment of use between every two or three versions where our clients are provided with these updates in accordance with agreement terms of providing after-sales service
  • Upgrade To ONYX Pro ERP‎

    Onyx Pro version 7.1 is available for clients from mid-2018 to upgrade their previous versions to Onyx Pro ERP. This version is important for all our clients as Development Team of Onyx Pro has added the summary of many studies, research and expertise

    Why Upgrade to Onyx Pro ERP?

    • When you upgrade to ONYX Pro ERP, you will enjoy various benefits among others are; new environment of use such as log-on, work method and new logical divisions that add more easiness for user tasks, the advantage to use many additions in various modules and features which are new components needed by businesses enterprises in work procedures, ability to overcome shortcoming elements in previous versions as most modules integration of Onyx Pro ERP meets the needs of business enterprises by merging computerization in components and shifting to an advanced stage of institutional work and organization control

    Upgrade Requirements

    • To have original versions for the basic software, such as Windows Operating System or other, Oracle databases, and others
    • To achieve the best display, users screens should support resolution (1024 × 768)
    • To use the feature of financial documents archiving, preferred to prepare a separate server for this so the impact on server specified for data processing by attached images size of documents
    • Auditing and making backups for the last transaction of entry are a prerequisite and reserve before carrying out upgrade process

    Ways To Upgrade

    You will have two options
    1. Upgrade Clients Software:
    This upgrade affects client systems with all their additions and features. This option achieves full integration of all used software. This kind of upgrade is carried out by the branch technical support engineer.

    2. Full ONYXPro ERP Upgrade:
    The client gets the necessary software updates and the rest of OnyxPro software that business needs.
    This update is carried out by the concerned area branch which gives full consultation to develop business computerization via OnyxPro ERP package suitable for the client business.
    Technical support engineers and Ultimate Solutions consultants carry out installation of new software and all updates as well as users training. The client pays upgrade fees for the additional software.

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