Systems Installation

Let us take care of all the hassles of installation processes to make it easier for you!

Initial Process

Some of the essentials requirements needed from the client is to provide us the computers with required and distinctive specifications along with power sources and a generator to ensure a continuity of operations. Our team of specialist engineers will carry out the software installation under the supervision of system administrator as well as procedures for software installation from checking requirements preparations to the final stage of client’s signature of software receipt

Provide computers with excellent and modern specifications that fulfill installation requirements.

Provide close power supply devices (UPS) with practical wiring to ensure staff smooth movement.

Client’s Requirements

  • To provide computers with specifications that meets all requirements
  • The client preferably to have agreement with the provider to obtain the necessary services for the equipment
  • The computers are equipped with original versions of operating systems, Anti virus program
  • The client to provide original version of target database ORACLE or MS SQL
  • For software installation on network, the network must be ready with all basic operation requirements in server
  • To have an employee in charge whilst installation takes place
  • Provision of extra/temporary power devices (UPS) in case of power cut
  • To set running the network of accounting work apart from internet network
  • Procedures

    • 1. Observing the clients equipment
    • 2. Assigning a team of specialists and engineers to be responsible for all installation matters
    • 3. Making an agreement for both parties by defining the computers, systems that will be installed
    • 4. Making backups for the client’s data and saving them as daily backups or in an external memory

    • 5. To start installation on the defined computers according to schedule
    • 6. Assuring software running on users’ computers and activating software via granted license
    • 7. System administrator will be responsible for enabling every employee on the systems

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