Alhaiba Company for paints and putty

  • Al Haibah Company:

    We are an investment industrial commercial marketing corporation, and our activities are in the fields of paints and putty, perfumes, electrical and electronic devices, and wholesales.
    I am Fahmi Almasa’bi – Director of Al Haibah company for Manufacturing Paints & Putty in the headquarter in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I will tell you about the experience of our success with ONYX Pro software that we use: General Ledger Systems, Inventory Systems, Clients & Sales Systems, Vendors and Purchases Systems, Human Resources with Fingerprint Time Attendance System, Manufacturing Management systems in the fields of Assets Management, Production Costs and Quality Control & Management, and other assistant systems.
    We have overcome the fear of some people of change, and our staff with various scientific levels of work understand using systems excellently. Where the easiness and simplicity of systems in addition to the service   of training provided by Ultimate Solutions Corporation helped us a lot. They deserve our thanks because we directly see their:

    1. Continuous development and keep up with everything new.
    2. Technical and strong technical capabilities. They implement whatever we ask them.
    3. Quick response, communication and care to provide support and service.​

    Our needs:

    During the previous period we faced many difficulties with other systems so we were in need for radical solutions. In February 2010, we made our decision to use ONYX Pro software in order to overcome many difficulties, for example I recall some of them:

    1. Increase of administrative expenses and many disabilities in business procedures.
    2. Occurrence of errors in production costs accounts such as duplication of item or difference of items accounts.
    3. Disorder of foreign purchases in terms of their prices, performance and information.
    4. Wasting a lot of time in some business such as carrying out manual inventory and handling assets.
    5. Difficulty to rely on work data due to their weak reliability of credibility and procedures.
    6. Difficulty of communication with our branches, particularly with respect to requests and transfers.
    7. Many other difficulties related to the details of work mechanism, organization and the requirements of carrying out.

    Why Do We Choose ONYX Pro?

    1. Because of its strong reputation in the market and whoever we asked they advise us to use ONYX Pro.
    2.  Because it is excellent in the adoption of scientific and professional accounting controls.
    3. Because ONYX Pro is precise in its transactions and its module are very strong.
    4.  Because it depends on high degree of accuracy and control for users and for all transactions.
    5.  Because the services of ONYX Pro team is quick, excellent and constantly developed.
    6. What attract us in ONYX Pro software strongly is the richness of reports, issuance of reports in a short time, and the credible outputs.

    The success of our business:

    In fact, through what we see from Ultimate Solutions and ONYX Pro is the speed to meet all our requirements, continual updates of development, and keep up with what’s new and all what we are  looking  forward to. Our story of success began to take place with positive indicator, which is having full administrative capacity to expand our business in future plan to have 120 branches. After our success in business organization in 80 branches, we are ready for greater success with ONYX Pro Software.

    Our Story of Success:

    I reviewed with you information about us and some justifications for our decision to use ONYX Pro Software, which shifted us to information management and investment to follow up and expand our business achievement after we were busy with the management of previous systems problems.
    The overall story of our success is that Al Haibah Company iscomputerized with ONYX Pro software. However, the most important details of the story will be shared by the financial director and technical director because we, in Al Haibah company for Manufacturing Paints & Putty, are working as an integrated team. They will review with you the most important details of the company’s story of success in the aspects related to their duties.

    Financial Successes:

    1. I would like to thank Eng. Fahmi, the company director for our participation in narrating AL Haibah Company’s story of success. I am Alsyed Saad Alsayed – Financial Director. I’ll tell you some of the most important details of the story of success in the aspects of my duties as professional and managerial successes we have achieved via the potentials of the outstanding performance of ONYX Pro Software, with which we saw large and fundamental differences from other systems. And without any repetition for the above-mentioned, here   is only some of the most important details:
    2. We have granted the employee his duties in the systems management privileges as they are in the company’s organizational structure.
    3. We have carried out our work in all our branches according to the overall tasks for the company by internal communication via ONYX Pro software because its functions in the financial, administrative and production areas are integrated perfectly and quickly without stationery as such orders and inventory transfers.
    4. We have controlled administrative expenses by restructuring them in better organization without additional burdens. We also have control the costs of foreign purchases as we are an industrial company, we have achieved access to detailed and analytical reports as well as accounts statements pertaining to previous years.
    5. We have practiced proper investment management of the assets as we are an industrial company via handling their data easily as well as classifying their categories, locations, movements, operations, maintenance and depreciation flexibly accurately and highly performance.
    6. We have enjoyed the details of great and important details of success included  in ONYX Pro software such as unlimited variety of  currencies, and alerts  of expired documents or deferred tasks, printing checks, provision of business models and  execute them automatically, …etc.
    7. We have succeeded to carry out the inventory in one day by install the inventories automatically from the system, and then we got the inventory differences.  On the second day, we shifted to automatic work in the new period.
    8.  We have got the statements of balance sheet, profit and loss and trial balance at the end of the period in a short time. Thus, we have facilitated the task of chartered accountant to approve them.
    9. We have gained our clients’ trust through the organized administrative, financial and productive work by using ONYX Pro software with its strong and excellent capabilities and features.

    Technological & Productive Successes:

    With my sincere thanks to the company director, Eng. Fahmi , for my participation in the Al Haibah Company ‘s story of success. I am Hussein Fadhl   – technical director, and I will summarize some of the most important details of the story of our success in the technical aspects as follows:


    Onyx Pro systems have met the full configuration for the nature and specifics of our work in the headquarter and all branches flexibly and high accuracy in terms of parameters settings of accounting transactions, production operations and reports, in addition to their management technically.

    We have succeeded technically with ONYX Pro software to link all branches to online central database. Therefore, this saves us significant expenses and burdens.

    ONYX Pro systems have provided very high security protection to our data, reliable  control for our transactions and very precise options for distributing privileges for users.

    We have provided solutions to the working hours in Ramadan and in the various work shifts via ONYX Pro capabilities to record attendance in human resources systems.

    We have achieved the best automatic design for our operations of productivity in its periods, inputs, manuals, operations and tests, receive its products and its machines maintenance via ONYX Pro software techniques.

    We got easy language of dialogue and multiple options of communication with Ultimate Solution experts to transfer knowledge in an excellent manner. We also have taken advantage of their trainings and executive services as well as direct technical support services.

    ONYX Pro software have provided our users with high degree of satisfaction. They have become grateful, and we care of this because they are the company’s success tools in their different tasks.

    My Experience Development:
    Generally, I have dealt with many software, but ONYX Pro systems is different. With ONYX Pro software, I have developed my experiences a lot. I have been always advised that ONYX Pro software are the best systems in its full and developed modules, high performance, wonderful features, and amazing services.

    Two Advices:

    I thank my brothers Sayed and Hussein for their participation and discussion of the most important details of our success, and I beg your pardon at the end to give two advices.

    First Advice: For any company or organization looking for credibility, commitment, technical support and distinction, to use ONYX Pro software. And you know your needs!
    The Second Advice: For Ultimate Solutions, I say:  Your primary objective is development, your experiences are wonderful, your services are excellent, ONYX Pro is very strong in its capabilities and modules, and the success of ONYX Pro software is reflected on our success as users. Therefore, do more development in the next period. I expect you, God willing, better than you would expect.