Al-Mehdhar Company Success Story

  • Narrated By: Mr. Mohammad Hashim Al-Mehdhar
    Deputy Director General

    The Success story of Al-Mehdhar Companies Group that we are proud to be achieved in partnership with ONYX Pro Software can be summed up in  achieving  the expansion of the group’s activities and work fields via paradigm shift to new horizons as well as  effectively made us heading towards the modernization of our strategic and operational plans in our different  expansions,  after the achievement of
    administrative control in addition to ensuring the flow of organized information accurately for  the group management.

    Our first launch in Al-Mehdhar  Company Management for  Exchange was with ONYX Pro Software in 2004,  that provides  us with accuracy in accounting transactions implementation,  speed of communication,  control of cost centers transactions with branches,  detailed reports, as well as  important information in sales, warehouses, purchases, cash in hand,  and checks which  support  the administrative decision in organization and planning.

    The accurate distribution of users privileges was real control of staff tasks in administrative system and so the success of Al- Mehdhar Companies Group in Mukalla was reflected. Thus,  Al -Mehdhar Companies  Group  decided to use  ONYX Pro Software  in  the rest of  the group’s  branches and  companies in Yemen and abroad  to achieve  better participation  in national economy  development and community service