Central Bank of Yemen

  • The implementing party

    Central Bank of Yemen (Bank System Development Unit)

    It is a unit established for the purpose of developing the automated system of the Central Bank of Yemen. This project is financed by the World Bank by 100%. The World Bank has stipulated that it should have an independent accounting system that complies with its requirements and meets the requirements of the World Bank. In all of its required reports.

    Activity: Supervises and finances the development of the Bank’s system under a specialized staff nominated by the Bank’s management

    Challenges and problems:

    – This unit has a fixed period and an amount allocated within a specific budget and considered in advance and where this budget will be spent in a written and allocated in which each item of the budget a certain amount

    – The World Bank has stipulated certain outputs

    – Note that these reports are general and required in all World Bank projects (standard)

    – The unit itself wants its own accounts and wants to know what it has spent on certain details and wants to know the accounts and debts and balances of review and budget as we know and annual reports, the World Bank, most of the reports quarterly based on specific categories of expenditure and components and activities contained in the budget.

    – We have two requests for accounts and reports related to the unit, which is local under which the audit with the Ministry of Finance or the Ministry of Planning or any supervisory body on the unit (local) and the request of the latest quarterly reports of the World Bank, which are considered as final banks linked to specific components and activities.

    – The coding in our system was easy to connect any major account or sub-screen in the coding of accounts and when we started to implement we found that the World Bank does not want to detail activities such as computers do not want more detail but the unit wants to detail the quality of devices purchased

    – In our system, the component is linked to the activity. The component number (main cost center) is chosen and linked to the activity (a sub-cost center). This is an effort to build the centers, then build the components.

    Our Solutions:

    First, I want to inform you that Yemensoft have a project management system and this system is in the Integrated System (SQL). This system serves the World Bank projects where the system is configured and linked with the cost centers and accounting manual located in the integrated and has the outputs and reports of the World Bank required independently of the outputs of the integrated

    – What we have done is to study the budget sent by the World Bank and was extracted as a key and sub-items and have been encoded in the cost centers because the project system is based mainly on the construction of centers correctly.

    – We’ve studied the accounts you want the module to open and gave them an idea of ​​how to build and encrypt the accounting guide in our system

    – The agreement and exit was established in a directory that covers the accounts of the unit and regulates the categories of exchange which are expenses and must be included in the accounts directory to be disbursed. These expenses are one of the conditions of the World Bank and appear in its reports. (1); (2) only because, in the end, all their accounts must be a balance sheet and equal at the end of the project (debtor = creditor)

    – What we did with the system, we redesigned the screen of the coding of accounts and once the selection of a master account is marked directly on all subaccounts associated with this account This was the easiest and most convenient and faster solution in the encoding details of expenditure

    – As for the configuration of activities, the programmed brother has modified them. Once the main and sub-cost centers have been established in the project tool, pressing the configuration button for the activities is done directly from the integrated system.

    – The customer request to amend in some reports and while we implement with them I was at the same time implemented the project of the Central Bureau of Statistics and the same system and asked to sit with representatives of the World Bank and we did so and we sat at the World Bank headquarters and studied their requirements and went out with many results and adjusted some of the reports and then applied in the bank Central reports were extracted and presented to them under which the CFO of the Central Bank was all very pleased when he saw it.

    – A training course was conducted on the system for the bank staff.


    The result:

    1- A training course was conducted for the users and local and quarterly reports were extracted

    2 – Initial data were entered and results were presented.

    3. We are grateful for all the efforts made.

    4. The Project Finance Manager has always been satisfied with the results and outputs presented.