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    Jeddah – KSA

    Mohammed Al-Zubaidi
    Director General

    13th of June 2015

    Multiple Branches & Additional Activities

    Thanks to The Almighty God, we (Wadi Alnoor Corporation) in Jeddah – KSA has achieved the best access to our clients. We have added 3 new branches to our corporation in just two years and we also achieved expansion in other business activities.
    I am Mohammed Alzabidi, Director General  of Wadi Alnoor, have the pleasure to share with you the most important details of our corporation  success story that began to be formed through our  most important partners, Ultimate Solutions for Computer Business who have provided us with Onyx Pro Software by which we have accomplished  the organization of all our accounting and administrative business.

    Our needs:

    At the beginning of our business years ago, our needs for the organization were normal. However, our previous experience of using the automated system has worried us because of its large number of problems and slow transactions. Thus, our concentration was more important to overcome our problems and reorganize our business via using ONYX Pro Software. The most important of our needs were:

    • Organize the administrative building for our organization and take advantage of our investments.
    • Address imbalances, deficiencies or irregularities that sometimes occur.
    • Follow-up inventory, control documentation and follow-up its sales.
    • Get rid of inventory problems, stop working and stores closure for several days.
    • Speed ​​in the automated processing of our activities with inputs and outputs.
    • Access to maintenance services and excellent continual follow-up.

    The Most Important Of Fundamental Solutions:The information of checking and knowledge of ONYX Pro software were complemented for us, and we have convinced by its competence to the process of transformation in our organization which have to be re-organized. Consequently, we have decided on 01.01.2013 to use the financial management systems of ONYX Pro software and completed training the staff of our finance management with Ultimate Solutions on the details of implementation and use of systems that are characterized by flexibly of configuration and settings that ate compatible with our corporation specialization.

    ONYX Pro systems have provided us with fundamental solutions for administrative and organizational building in our corporation and achieved our needs by the implementation of its functions and the performance of technical and administrative team with his input and skills and flexibility to meet our requirements. The most important of fundamental solution are:

    • Its sub-components are integrated by flexible and suitable settings of configuration for our activities, in addition to strong database and quick processing for the accounting and administrative transactions.
    • Adopt global accounting principles and reject any illogical transactions.
    • All our transactions are considered under microscope by strong control over performance in each of our branches.
    •  There is no differences with ONYX and we can execute stocktaking of inventory within hours at any time.
    • We get the turnover rate of items in branches accurately, and maintain the amount of minimum and maximum limit for each item.
    • Access to data quickly with miscellaneous reports. When I ask for any information or report, I get it at the same moment from the accountant easily.
    • We got Purchases policy that uses ONYX information for purchasing details.
    • Provide the final business results in accurate reports for the transaction of the activity period.
    • We always get the after-sales service with excellent performance of ONYX Pro team.

    Those  are the most fundamental solutions that concern us. There are many detailed solutions formed full and comprehensive performance of different transactions of sales, purchase, and storing in addition to accounting, financial, and controlling management. As a result of outstanding performance our decision within months was to circulate ONYX Pro systems in our branches and to link these branches to the headquarter so that all our accounting transactions with their various procedures and reports details became on time.
    Thus, ONYX Pro systems have turned us to organization and stability so that we get reports of clients, branches performance, items transactions and others easily. Moreover, our care to meet our clients orders increased after we had obtained the ability of rapid and accurate organization.

    Success We Achieved:As corporation, our business with services and benefits have successfully organized so that  we have begun our new branch with preparing the trainee accountant and additional version of ONYX Pro systems, without which we  would not expand in new branches or additional activities and successes as well.
    The additional successes we achieved have already preceded by continuity of organized work and automatic completion of workers tasks of and presence of opportunities that should be benefited from. Thus, personal pleasure for success has mixed with professional success we have achieved, and that the most important of which:

    •  We have felt our strong confidence in our business and goods when ONYX Pro systems provided us with organization in administrative and accounting work in our corporation.
    •  We have controlled our own resources and decided to develop our activities with the support of ONYX Pro indicators.
    • Our corporation has been expanded to seven branches in KSA and we plan to open more branches as a result of the rapid growth that are achieved  by organized and stable performance with ONYX Pro systems.
    • In addition to our main activity which is chandeliers, we have planned to work in new activities, which are households, and to expand in power materials.

    Additional Features:

    ONYX Pro systems are characterized with many features that we aspire to. ONYX Pro systems also makes the appropriate environment for achievement. Thus, these systems approve having more capabilities in addition to having creative experts and serious leaders. These are some additional important features:

    • ONYX Pro systems provide so wonderful alerts that benefit us in following up our business transactions.
    • I receive reports from the system via email, which is important procedure for our business.
    • The available details in ONYX Pro systems served us so much and distinctively.
    • The continued development of systems ONYX Pro in new versions is one of the most powerful features.
    • ONYX Pro team has a high flexibility in understanding and carrying out the clients requests.

    Finally, We in Wadi Alnoor Corporation are ready to help the other organizations which like to take advantage of our success and the positive transformation that we have achieved by using ONYX Pro systems. I would like also to thank Ultimate Solutions for Computer Business for the performance, details and innovations of its strong systems in addition to professional services.

    ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــOn: June 13, 2015
    Mohammed Al-Zubaidi
    Director General of Wadi Alnoor Corporation