Ultimate Banking

Ultimate Solutions partnered with Temenos to deliver complex banking transformation projects. Both companies bring with them decades of experience in the financial business. Ultimate Banking is a specialized business unit that focuses on banking services. Our dedicated, highly trained banking team supports our client banks through their business journey to assure innovation, scalability, profitability, and build an intelligent future ready banking.

  • Founded in 1993, Temenos AG is a provider of banking software systems to retail, corporate, universal, private, treasury, fund administration, Islamic, microfinance and community banks. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, and with 67 offices in 40 countries, Temenos serves over 3,000 financial institutions in 145 countries across the world. Temenos banking solutions are used by 41 of the top 50 banks worldwide.


Implementing a new banking system is a critical project for any financial institutes. Choosing the right implementation partner is a key factor of the project susses. Ultimate solutions bring more than 27 years of experience in ERP systems and integrating them with multiple banking systems.


We have integrated our own ERP systems (ONYX ERP) with multiple banking systems. Our team can easily integrate any of Temenos solutions with any other system. Let Temenos infinity communicate with your existing core bank and accelerate the transformation to a full omnichannel banking.


Ultimate Banking provides support services to take care of all the operational headaches. We offer different types of assistance that suits your project and requirements. Our team will help and give you a peace of mind to focus on running the business, not the systems.


To cope with the market and technology and to benefit from Temenos news features, financial institutes will always upgrade their systems. Ultimate upgrade methodology and framework insure a smooth, safe and robust transition the new releases.


Ultimate Banking offers different training courses for System administrators and end users. As a part of any implementation or upgrade project we provide a hands on training to enable the business and users to benefit from all powerful feature of Temenos banking systems.

Project Managers

Our Project Managers are experienced in Temenos Implementation Methodology (TIM) to assure best practice in all projects.

Business Consultants

Ultimate Banking certified Business Consultants supports and guide financial institutes while selecting and designing their Temenos product. We make sure that our customers get the full value of their system.

Technical Consultants

Our technical team is experienced and certified in Temenos products. We ensure that all our member's certificates are up to date to support the latest releases and technologies.