Cells GoldCore ERP

CELLS GOLDCORE ERP is a set of specialized end-to-end solutions to accelerate gold wholesale and retail business. It supports accounting, administrative and inventory operations.
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  • A set of specialized financial, administrative and technical end-to-end solutions to manage gold wholesale, retail or production business.
    – General Ledger: Carry out accounting entries for gold weights and cash, and follow up transactions and financial statements.
    – Inventory: Manage gold items in terms of weight, workmanship and movement details to achieve precise inventory control.
    – Purchases: Record new and scrap gold purchase transactions (wholesale and retail) and the impact on gold inventory.
    – Sales: Record new and scrap gold sale transactions (wholesale and retail) based on the international ounce price and workmanship value.
    – Assets: Track assets, record asset information, movement, depreciation and register its value in gold.
    – HR: Manage all administrative and financial functions.
    – Production costs: Production process, manufacture, recycle, production in/direct costs. It integrates with other Gold cell solutions.


  • Deal with items quantities and weights in all transactions.
    • Automatically generate or adjust gram price based on international ounce price
    •Deal with the ratio of gold (karat) for different weights.
    • Classify gold inventory into groups based on karat, country of origin, manufacturer and other categories.
    • Display images of gold products in related transactions.
    • Handle gold products in sets or individual pieces as well as the possibility to sell individual pieces from the same set or sell the set excluding any piece(s).
    • Link gems types and weights with products as weight only or as weight and value in sales and purchases transactions.
    •Link gold bags of all kinds and weights with items in buying and selling operations

  • • Grant transfer discount when the customer pays in higher-karat gold and an additional cash discount at cash debt clearance.
    •Deal with non-gold items such as materials and accessories (gems, cans, packs, wax, gypsum, work tools)
    • Support different workmanship prices (in grams or piece) according to customer type.
    •Adjust gold ratio (standard karat) and record resulting differences in accounts
    • Create item barcode that contains weight, and automatic generation of item serial number in order to use it in different software operations
    • Support price adjustment for products exchange and display adjustments on receipts


  • • Register and carry out gold transactions, sales, purchases and revenues, and deal with gold weight and workmanship price through different payments methods (weight, cash or both).
    • Carry out and register receipts, vouchers, gold and cash adjustment entries, as well as inventories issue, supply, transfer and stock deliveries.
    • Process gold molding, dissolving processes, producing alloys based on resulting weights and karats, and track any resulting differences.
    • Change product status from scrap to new or new to scrap, and change from production item to sale item
    • Manage modification transactions like cutting and splitting gold products.
    • Carry out money exchange procedures (sell and buy).


– Support multiple gold types (karats 24, 22, 21, 18, 14, 12 …etc.) and currencies in all transaction types
– Link all gold categories (manufactured, new, second hand, scrap, raw (alloy)) with karats
– Deal with Gold Content of each karat or what is known as standard karat (999,999/ 875 / 750 / … etc.) in all transactions.
-Specify standard Gold Content as a standard currency in addition to local currency in all balance sheets as a reference for other gold contents and financial indicators.

Sales Transactions
– Sell manufactured gold: Price includes workmanship cost in cash and/or weight.
– Sell scrap or alloy without workmanship price.
– Indirect sales (through different channels) for raw gold which effects inventory only after making actual payments and issuing gold voucher.
– Returns of raw/manufactured gold or in/direct sales.
– Issue raw gold sales receipt to make payment with weight, cash or both, and create direct impact on cash and stock.

Purchases Transactions
– Manufactured gold: Price includes workmanship for payment in cash and/or weight.
– Raw or scrap gold: without workmanship cost
– Indirect sales (through different channels) for raw gold which effects inventory only after making actual payments and issuing sales receipt.
– Returns of raw/manufactured gold or direct/ indirect sales.
– Issue raw gold voucher to make payment with weight, cash or both, and create direct impact on cash and stock.


• Follow up all gold transactions and report any gold inventory balance deficits or surplus
• Monitor inventory and items movements (supply, sales, purchase) based on quantity and weight
• Monitor costs, and calculate profits and losses of workmanship price
• Follow up accounts balances, gold inventory, clients and suppliers movement and balances in all related transactions.
• Issue reports and financial statements of accounts or transactions of gold weights or/and cash according to the standard gold content, local currency