Motakamel Plus ERP

Integrated accounting and administrative solutions developed with MS SQL Server databases that accommodate financial and human resources management. Motakamel Plus adapts to the functions of specialized enterprise such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, archiving, transport and more.
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Why choose Motakamel Plus?‎

  • • Run your organization in a way that ensures performance accuracy and ideal investment of resources.
    • Achieve balanced growth of business activities and institutional building.
    • Maintain flexible expansion, sound performance and goals achievement.
    • Enjoy flexible configuration, user-friendly versions and desired outcomes.
    • Fulfill your evolving needs with new Motakamel Plus versions.
    • Motakamel Plus is the success partner of our clients in many countries around the world.

Motakamel Plus Features

  • • Handle financial, administrative and technical functions in commercial, industrial and service business enterprises with multiple branches as in holding companies.
    • Ensure high efficiency in all business environments with different activities and even in sectors that adopt weights and measurements, or have many items such as medicines stores.
    • Multilingual: Available in English, Arabic, French and Turkish
    • Developed with MS SQL Server database for sound performance, quick processing, data protection and flexible integration with other modules.
    • Adapt to business expansion and apply the necessary policies in purchases, sales, warehouse, cash, etc.
    • Control the privileges of users’ functional groups, and monitor users transactions.

  • • Provide immediate reports on threats and opportunities, and support the administration with comparison reports for more than a branch to promote and enhance performance.
    • User-friendly; quick access to several screens and control over user theme.
    • Handle currencies flexibly in transactions and reports, and control currencies at the level of transactions or account.
    • Link account or item with cost centers and calculate item cost according to branch.
    • Link items with groups and issue reports according to item or group.

Motakamel Plus Settings

  • • Deal with settings processor for quick and safe configuration according to default data or data imported from excel file.
    • Create the accounting unit and the related branches, and enter the basic data of the accounting unit and branches.
    • Identify the financial period, local currency, stock currency, used currencies, and define inventory units and intermediate accounts.
    • Create the chart of accounts with main and sub levels for all branches, and define correlation with adopted classifications, accounts groups and intermediate accounts.
    • Create main and sub items groups and link them with accounts, and create items chart and link it with related groups and inventory units.
    • Define banks and cash in hand and related accounts.
    • Create detailed accounts charts for clients, vendors and costs centers and define them according to organization needs.
    • Define sales and collection representatives’ data to be linked with clients areas and sales targets.

Motakamel Plus Administration

Customers may know ways of the right beginnings and direct steps to purchase and use Ultimate Solutions systems.

Create users’ groups and grant users groups privileges and control granting or suspending privileges of any user.

Manage the opening of new branches and activities or fiscal years, and insert necessary data and related accounting correlations.

Lock any transactions, accounts or users for certain periods, close financial periods monthly or annually, and post balances to a new fiscal year.

Control business by displaying transactions movement details by time, user or branch.

Schedule automatic backup (daily, weekly, monthly) through identifying number of copies, backup time, hard drive for saving backups in order to restore them at any time.

Select themes, fonts and icons according to user’s preference.

Motakamel Plus Help Tools

These tools create professional and personal work environment. They assist user in carrying out tasks with additional technical means and fast procedures via SMS, help and instructions services.
SMS Services
For sending notifications of clients and suppliers financial transactions or accounts balances to the top administration to be regularly updated on the organization performance. Notifications are sent automatically after configurating and setting up messages, notifications, sending tools and recipients.

SMS Advantages:
• Notifications on transactions immediately reach concerned persons.
• Obtain the required information without logging in.
• Updating accounts balances after carrying out any transaction.
• Sending individual or group descriptive messages or notes.

Help & Instructions
This is part of the user’s office work environment to achieve work quality, facilitate quick access to the required tools, and easily access “help” information of any screen.

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