Motakamel Silver

Accounting and management solutions, developed on MS SQL Server databases to address the accounting management tasks in facilities with limited activity.

Why? Motakamel Silver

  • . To manage your facility by achieving the accuracy of performance and controlling the investment of your resources.
    . To achieve balanced growth in your activity and in your business institutional construction.
    . Motakamel Silver System is flexible in expansion and strong in performance.
    . The successes stories of our customers in number of countries by using Motakamel Silver Solutions.
    . The speed of Motakamel Silver in the impact of its results, flexibility of its settings and the ease of its use

The Most Important Settings of Motakamel Silver:

  • . To meet our customer’s needs with always updated versions of Motakamel Silver System.
    . Dealing with the Settings Wizard to achieve a fast and secure configuration with default data that is ready or imported from Excel spreadsheets.
    . Create the accounting unit, and add the necessary information for it.
    . Determine the financial period, local currency, stock currency, currencies used, and the definition of intermediate accounts.
    . Defining the cash and banks and determining the accounts associated with them.
    . Build chart of accounts at major and sub-levels and determine their connections.

  • . Create item groups and link them to accounts, create a directory of categories, and link them to related groups.
    . Build chart of accounts and groups for the clients and suppliers based on the company’s / organization’s need.
    . Option to deal with the item by assembly and disassembly from the available stock as needed and determining the cost ratio of each component.
    . Option for calculating the tax to prove the financial impact on the sales and purchases transactions based on the multiplicity of taxes for items and services by entity or type of tax.
    . Implementing various settings and variables according to the facility’s activity nature.

The Most Important Features of Motakamel Silver:

  • . To address the financial, administrative and technical performance in different business activities.
    . Work highly efficient with all business environments in various activities.
    . It flexibly functions with the business expansion and applies the necessary policies in selling, buying, storing, cash, etc.
    . Control the privileges of the functional groups of users in the enterprise activities.
    . Currency flexibility in transactions and reports. Default currency can be replaced in the financial securities and the cost of buying or selling can be calculated in currencies other than the invoice currency.
    . Multiple currencies per account in the chart of accounts.
    . Control the options of the interface sittings and the used language.
    . Support management with real-time business opportunities or risk reports; and deliver comparison reports for more than one branch or facility to serve and develop business performance.

Motakamel Silver Management:

. Creating user groups and give them their privileges according to groups, and control the granting or eliminating of the privileges for any user.
. Manage the opening of new fiscal year, add its data and its accounting connections.
. Ability to stop any processes, accounts, or users for specific period of time and closing the financial periods per month or annually with transferring the balances to a new financial year.
. Schedule backups (daily, weekly, monthly) by backup numbers, times, and file location, to restore them at any time.
. The user can select the overall interface in colors, shapes, etc. to suit their preferences.

Support and maintenance :-
. We provide the customer with a free online technical support service (remotely) for the purchased software for one year starting from the date of installations.
. The customer receives a continuous online support service after the free year for a small fee paid by the customer.
. The need for remote communication over the Internet to obtain online service.

We are responsible for maintaining our software (on the condition of a valid technical support contract) and customer is responsible for his hardware and network maintenance.

Top additions when upgrading to Motakamel Gold:

. Multiple branches within one business activity.
. Multiple storage units per item.
. Multiple cost centers in the warehouse operations and link items/ categories to cost centers.
. Ability to link to ERP components including: HRS, Fixed Assests, Hotels, etc.
. Dealing with the bank’s letter of credits.
. Managing the total monitoring on operations.
. Dealing with the Approving and Auditing Departments.
. Multiple representatives in sales invoices and link the item to a representative.

Help Tools:
A professional and personal work environment for the Motakamel Silver system users to help them accomplish their tasks with quick procedures using messages, assistance and instruction services.

Messaging services:
. To send financial transaction’s notifications to customers and suppliers, or account balances to senior management to see the performance of the business regularly. The SMS messages or e-mail are sent according to the

selected settings, and the most important benefits of these messages are:
1. Immediate access to transaction notifications to people in charge.
2. Get the required information without entering to the system.
3. Provide account balances after each transaction is made in various business operations.
4. Send explanatory messages or notes to individuals or groups.

Part of the user’s desktop work environment to facilitate quick access and easy access to help information for any screen in the system.