HR System

Manages and processes various transactions related to the employees, including recruitment, training, administrative movements, and performance evaluation.

Key Features

  • – It can be configured and customized to comply with the different local laws.
    – It follows employees since they apply for the job until their retirement or termination, and updates their data accordingly.
    – It generates summarized, detailed, and customized reports.
    – It is user friendly and can be customized to fit each organization needs.
    – It integrates with other ONYX ERP systems in a way that benefits employees and satisfy their needs from A to Z.

Key Functions

  • – Recruitment: It starts from receiving job applications up to issuing employment contracts and documenting all employees’ data.
    – Training: It helps performing training needs assessments TNA, planning for, managing, and evaluating training programs.
    – Medical Insurance: It provides full control over the provided medical insurance services to employees, according to the approved health insurance regulations.
    – Travel Allowances: It issues allowances according to the approved organization policies such as, travel expenses and flight tickets.

  • – Administrative Movements: It registers different administrative movements for the employees in accordance with the managerial decisions that the organization issues.
    – Incentives and Penalties: It defines and records incentives and penalties’ procedures according to the organization’s regulations and policies.
    – Employees Self-Service (ESS): It allows employees to submit and follow up their requests via web or smartphone applications.
    – Performance Evaluation: It allows coding various performance evaluation forms, follows the 360-Degree approach, and determines the contribution percentage for each party in the total evaluation.
    – Employees Documents: It records various types of the employee documents and updates them regularly.