Ibn Hayan Company – Contracting and Oil Services

  • Execution of Ibn Hayan – Contracting and Oil Services

    Definition of the company and its activities:

    First: Activity:

    – (commercial – contracting – oil services – transport services)

    – Ibn Hayyan Company is one of the largest companies in Yemen in terms of the number of its activities and services

    – Branch activity (Sana’a – Marib “Safer”)

    – Ibn Hayan Company is responsible for the preparation, processing and implementation of the gas station plant (2) in the generation of electricity at the level of the Republic, in addition to several oil services, including:

    – Providing manpower: travel, tourism, medical services, providing meals to oil companies, as well as providing transportation and communications, as well as in the processing of buildings, fountains, sale and other activities provided by Ibn Hayan Company.

    Challenges and problems:

    The most important problems and challenges that faced the client company, Ibn Hayan before the implementation and processing of the accounting system (ONYX Pro)

    As follows:-

    A) How to calculate the costs of each project alone.

    B) How to arrange and organize the documentary course to facilitate the work.

    C) How to calculate the costs of each stage of each project, materials, wages and other expenses

    D) How to calculate and distribute the wages of machines at each stage of each project

    C – How to calculate meals in restaurants for the gas station project

    (H) How labor is calculated if the worker’s hands are fixed or rented by third parties

    (E) Control of means of transport, whether fixed or rented

    D) Calculate subcontractor costs

    E) Monitor the accounts of the oil companies as there is reciprocal effect between them and these companies

    F) How to monitor travel and tourism services

    G) How to monitor the medical services provided

    H) Providing detailed and general accounts at the level of each project and each stage within each project in order to facilitate monitoring

    The establishment of a separate budget at the level of each branch and each project

    I ) Know the expenses and revenues of each activity

    G) Find a unified budget at the level of full activity

     Solutions provided: –

    A range of solutions was presented by us as the system’s implementers, the most important of which are:
    1- A full documentary course has been conducted in terms of disbursement, receipt, invoices and granting of powers according to the work of each person in order to facilitate the work.

    2. An accounting manual consisting of six grades, with five main grades and a sixth sub-category, was divided by branches and activities.

    3- Compulsory cost centers have been established. By branch – and activities “as in the graph”

    4. The “Project Data” has been categorized by project and stage according to each activity in the cost centers “as shown in the graph”

    5. The optional “Activity Data” screen was used to monitor machines, equipment and vehicles “as in the diagram”

    6 – The stores were used as well as the items were divided into commodity categories whether raw materials, auxiliary materials, other materials.

    7 – The use of the service items, whether it is working hands, travel tickets, meals, or means of transport.

    8. Suppliers were divided by supplier group as well as sub-suppliers were divided into supplier system

    9- Customers and advances were divided according to the groups, ie, a group of accounts and their division into the work system

    10 – giving the powers of each user by function

    The result :-

    Certainly the system and its potential as well as the implementation of the system in line with the client and the departure of the client from manual work to the automated, which led to: –

    1- Facilitating work

    2 – easy to know the costs of each stage of each project separately

    3. Organization and arrangement of work

    4- Issuing service and commodity invoices to the concerned authorities easily

    5 – facilitate the work of warehouses and control of them

    6 – speed in knowing the movement of accounts for customers and suppliers and others

    7 – easy to know expenses and revenue of each branch separately

    8 – easy to know the balance of review by each branch

    9 – easy to find any detailed reports at the level of each account and at the level of each project and the level of each stage and each branch.

    10 – easy to find a budget at the level of each branch

    11. It is easy to issue a unified budget for the activity