Mini Shop

Mini Shop is a user-friendly software tailored to process the accounting, selling, and inventory transactions for shops and small businesses. This software is also capable of generating Accounting Reports and Financial Statements for businesses.

Why Mini Shop?

  • 1. Mini Shop accounting software provides comprehensive and smooth way for management that fulfills your business different needs. Mini Shop allows flexibly entering
    the invoices, looking for items, and searching for clients data anywhere across the system. This software provides smart management of your customers and stock
    transactions, and alerts you with your due dates. The Mini Shop also supports generating different reports whenever needed.
    2. Mini Shop supports e-invoice system, adopts modern financial management techniques, and fulfills each country’s law separately.
    3. Mini Shop is developed based on accumulated experiences gained during previous years across many different countries around the world.

Mini Shop Key Settings

  • • Installing the system using a handler, configuring the financial unit, financial year, and basic settings. Then, users start to configure the local currency and create the financial
    periods and the chart of accounts that will be used.
    • Selecting the options that suits the customer in different aspect including Taxes, End Dates, Sequences, Electronic Invoices, Accounts, Stock, Sales, and Purchases.
    • Adding the Customers’ Data and determining the Accounting Period.
    • Creating a Chart of Accounts that fits the customer needs, setting required accounts’ details, and adding the Opening Balances.
    • Allowing classifying the Clients, Vendors, and Inventory Items.

  • • Defining the Warehouses including their Data, Locations, Warehouse Units, and each unit’s data.
    • Defining Cashes, Banks, Currencies, and their details.
    • Adding the Data of Stock including Items Types, Provision and Storage details, Costs, and Item Pricing method.
    • Setting alerts for creating a Local Backup, and creating a daily External Backup in order to restore it whenever needed.
    • Adding users’ data, entering identification info, and determining the Privileges and accordingly.

Mini Shop Key Functions

  • • Issuing Purchase Invoice for specific items, including the required data, and issuing a Good Received Order for them.
    • Issuing a Purchase Return Invoice including the Returned Items.
    • Issuing a transfer order, for specific items, from one warehouse to another
    • Creating Journal Entry or Reverse one, including their data, in order to record the financial transactions instantly.
    • Issuing Sales Invoice including its items and selling Data, and issuing a Goods Outcoming Order containing the Sales Transaction Items.
    • Issuing a Sales Return Invoice including the data of the Returned Items.
    • Issuing a Receipt Voucher with the required amounts.
    • Issuing a Payment Voucher with the payment amount and the beneficiary party data.
    • Making monthly closings instantly, then, the Annual Closings and generating the Closing Reports.

Mini Shop Management Features

• Creating users’ groups and granting each group the required privileges, with the ability to control granting the privilege to each user and suspending it separately.
• Managing the way of opening a new financial year, adding its data, and setting the accounting relations.
• Suspending any transactions, accounts, or users for specific periods, and closing the financial periods monthly or annually with posting the balances to the new financial
• Scheduling backups (daily, weekly, or monthly) with setting the number of copies, copy times and location in order to restore them at any time.
• Enabling customized user interface themes in order to be configured as preferred by users.
• Providing free technical support for one year, then this service will be at nominal fees.
• Delivering training sessions for the software users and providing online technical support.
• Offering Support and Instructions section in the Desktop Environment to provide quick access to Help section, and obtain information on any of the system screens.

User-friendly software that fits small commercial businesses and shops.

Professional and continuous customer support via our website:

Solid and secured database storage using MS SQL technology.

Smooth adopting Electronic Invoices according to the following laws in customer’ country.

Easy items recording by importing them from an Excel file.

Fast access to search function and add items to a document, whenever required, while working on it.

Using multiple currencies for the same account in the Chart of Accounts

Key Advantages of Upgrading to M+ Silver

1. Using multiple Warehouses and Cost Centers in the Inventory transaction, and linking items to them.
2. Dealing with the checks and their dues.
3. Supporting Foreign Purchases and the Letters of Credit for the purchases.
4. Submitting Requests, receiving Quotations, issuing Purchase Orders, and respond to Customers Requests.
5. Supporting issuing Sales Proforma Invoices
6. Supporting Shipping Services and Clearance.
7. Allowing linking the system to Points of Sale, E-Commerce Websites, and M+ Mobile in order to display quick reports using Smartphones.

• M+ Silver Assisting Tools:
The M+ Silver provides a professional and customized working environment for its users to help them in achieving their work more effectively. It offers the services of
Messages, Help screens, and User Manual.

• Messaging Services:
• M+ Silver allows sending notifications of the Financial Transactions that have been performed with Clients or Vendors. It keeps the Top Management updated on
Accounts Balances and organization’s performance instantly via SMS or e-mail according to the configuration.
The key benefits of these messages are:
• Providing instant transaction notification to the concerning parties.
• Allowing users to obtain the required information without logging into the system.
• Displaying Accounts Balances after each transaction.
• Sending explanatory messages and notifications to users individually or collectively.