Attendance System

It automatically manages attendance, calculates the financial effects per the organization policies, and deals with the approved fingerprint devices.

Key Features

  • 1 Controls administrative transactions; including: permissions, assignments, tasks, etc., and approves them before rendering their effects.
    2 Monitors employees’ leaves and leaves balances to ensure following the organization’s policy.
    3 Allows flexible working periods, and records employees’ working hours accordingly.
    4 Applies organization’s attendance policies and regulations upon approving overtime, deductions, etc.
    5 Generates various reports that contribute in evaluating employees’ commitment.
    6 Integrates with other ONYX ERP systems, especially Payroll and HR systems, to produce the financial and administrative effect.

Key Settings:

  • Configuring working hours, official holidays, leaves, shifts’ plans, assignments, and permissions for employees, according to the organization needs.

  • Key Functions:
    1 Record employees attendance fingerprints upon clocking-in and clocking-out
    2 Draws the employees’ fingerprints from the terminal fingerprint devices on set times.
    3 Allows applying for and approving permissions, leaves, tasks, assignments, and overtime.
    4 Calculates employees’ actual working hours, overtime, and lateness, and posts them directly.
    5 Generates attendance reports with multiple options including, absence, lateness, overtime etc.