Onyx Pro ERP

Integrated solutions for planning and managing organizations’ resources. We fulfill various business needs in different governmental and private sectors and orchestrate the operations in commercial, industrial, and service organizations.


  • ONYX ERP helps in managing your business greater through its integration and automation. The system is able to handle all functions, multiple outlets in different activities simultaneously and this will help you to have a better understanding with a closer description of how your business operates from A-Z. This multi lingual solution with real time reporting enables you to counter promptly to marketing circumstances where automatically, gives you a more prominent control over your business. ONYX Pro ERP solution has various supported mobile apps such as ONYX E-Commerce, ONYX P.O.S, ONYX Shopping and more, created solely for your business!


  • Onyx Pro ERP system has multiple modules that suit diverse industries and fields, and it is customized specially to meet the different needs and resolve business challenges
  • It supports multi branches, activities, and projects in one unified system. It links branches together and connects headquarters.
  • It is developed using Oracle database. It is a multi-lingual system, including: English, Arabic, French, Turkish, etc.
  • It gives you the flexibility to achieve on-the-go tasks rapidly and efficiently using smartphones.
  • Its configuration and settings are based on customized parameters and variables to suit business nature, automate processes and manage operations. It also comes with assisting tools that expedite accomplishing tasks.
  • It keeps pace with business market needs and accelerates processing financial, business, administrative for the various industries, such as: retail, production, real estate, transportation, hospitals, and more.
  • The key systems are: accounting, inventory, vendors and purchases, clients and sales, budgeting and planning, assets, POS, HR, production and cost control, reporting, and business intelligence.
    It also has a number of specialized system, such as: real estate, money transfer and exchange, hospital management, and parcel shipping management.
  • Onyx ERP package includes full implementation, users training, and continuous updates
  • Organizations of different industries use Onyx Pro ERP as they consider it the best solution to meet business needs and overcome challenges. They are fully satisfied with the system and have shown absolute trust.

Why ONYX Pro ?

  • To build an institutional work force with a group of integrated systems in a high security environment.
  • To achieve unified results for establishments, branches and business activities.
  • To manage internal control and archive supporting documents for financial operations and movements.
  • Its software systems handle various tasks in commercial, industrial and service activities.
  • To achieve continuous follow-up of business and take appropriate decision quickly and effectively.
  • Because of its ease of use, the strength of its features, and its multilingualism.
    To achieve continuous success for its customers in a number of countries of the world.
    Because it achieves the power of trust with customers and accommodates the growth of projects and the diversity of activities.
  • Because of the strength of the expertise of ONYX Pro ERP team in consulting and technical support for clients.


Message Service :

  • To send the top level managerial a notification for any financial movement or account balances to update them with the latest news about their companies. Sending with SMS or Email automatically after configure messages settings.
  • Helping & Instructions :

  • part of the working environment for onyx pro erp users for achieving work quality and quick access to necessary tools in the suitable time, manage tasks, integration of experiences in the team.
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