Customers Accounts System

Customers Management Systems Setup

  • It organizes sales transactions, documents, and tools. It manages channels to target customers in various markets, to deal with them, and adopt control measures.
    Customers’ management systems are:
    • Customers Management Software
    • Sales Management Software
    • Questionnaires Software

Customer Management Systems Key Features

  • – Establish channels to access markets.
    – Study market opportunities and measure customer satisfaction.
    – Limit additional discounts to requests.
    – Deal with various promotional tools.
    – Support electronic payment methods.
    – Support mobile apps to sell to customers.

    Customers Management Systems Key Functions:
    Auditing Functions:
    – Request opening account to each customer according to his/her data.
    – Add or receive a customer request using the mobile application.
    – Submit procedures requests to get approval.

  • Marketing and Sales Functions
    – Issue quotation to be included in the customer’s request and invoice.
    – Issue sales invoice to record the dues, or to prove a customer contract.
    – Record sales commission according to its segments.
    – Record the promotional coupons as a payment method for the customers’ purchases.
    – Issue items invoice receipt to be signed by the customer.
    – Issue maintenance order, and a maintenance invoice with the spare parts.
    – Issue product warranty card using buyer’s name.
    Follow-up and Repayment Functions
    – Schedule customer’s debts to specific dates.
    – Make and approve specific billing claims.
    – Record payments for the organization in point of sales.
    – Distribute customers’ payments on their debt documents.
    – Issue goods out note to confirm an employee invoice.
    – Issue permission for returning issued returns according to the invoice.