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Software Updates

An important service provided by our experts who study client environment and support decision-making to computerize business. Onyx Pro ERP and IX for example, depends on wide options of configuration that suits a variety of business market activities. We provide consultation services in both computerization projects and software development for in various different sectors as the following:

Complete/partial computerization projects studies that specify all requirements.

Design institutional development projects for business corporations and organizations.

Support clients transition to computerization by qualifying them to achieve the best use of software.


We begin the task of providing the services by preparing an initial field study on the respective client’s organization where we access and collect necessary and sufficient materials of information in achieving the below:

  • To classify clients by activity type, organization, subsidiary size, daily transactions
  • To determine the need from client’s perspective of the shift
  • To define the outcomes the client wants to achieve
  • To study work cycle within clients’ organization and its efficiency
  • To find out opportunities in the client’s environment that could be utilized
  • Provision

    • After studying the business needs of a client, we will provide the following; project summary of the solution and the right software they need, the steps and techniques of linking between their entities units as well as flexibility of software to meet all the requirements, wide features of software to smoother their transactions process, and diversity in reports that will help to strengthen the organization and performance efficiency, necessary recommendations for the shift of computerization in aspects of organization, equipment, staff training and others
    • There will also be a summary of initial scheduled plan describing the stages of client shifting from the decision of purchasing to the last session of software implementation along with referral of case studies of Ultimate KL in the same activity of other clients in comparison of what worked and what did not

    • The results of the study will then be converted to an Executive Action Program to conclude necessary contracts with the clients as well as an executive plan is prepared to gather the client’s tasks practice through Ultimate KL’s software

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