Technical Support

A full technical support service provided by a team of specialized engineers and specialist experts who will assist you all the way to success!

ONYX Pro ERP Customers

A continual technical service offered to ONYX PRO ERP customers to ensure the smooth flow of the implemented systems. The reasons for requesting this service differs from one country to another. However, the most mutual reasons are as follows:

Some customers need technical engineers to adapt some system functions to their special requirements.

Limited use of system instructions by users.

Errors relevant to system, users or external factors.

Provide software updates or versions.

  • No Service Fee!
  • The service is completely for free during the first year
  • In the next years, invoices related to technical support service fees would be issued except for unsubscribed customers in renewing annual maintenance agreement
  • Process

    The on-site support service is provided as per requested by the client where initially, the engineer will review the systems performance and gives necessary recommendations and implements the direct required solution followed by an overview report will be submitted. The client may receives support via internet or telephone, online/remote assistance or through an on site support. The 3 steps for providing support include; receiving notification asking for support, providing support in any suitable mean and signing the form of solving problems by customers

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