OTEL PREMIO Mangment system

To Manage, process and control hotel booking and reception, internal supervision and guest services, document housing data, manage business quality and delivery, and migrate the financial operations of the accounting program.

General Features

  • 1. Multiple reservation options: personal, travel agency, companies, online or central (CRS) by browsing available rooms, rate code from rate query menu according to reservation details.
    2. Use rate code for available rooms which includes taxes as applicable in the country of operation.
    3. Save and archive guest information in a profile that includes reservation status and guest preferences to be considered in forthcoming visits.
    4. Guest uses mobile during his/her stay to request and follow up any service (restaurant, laundry, special care). SMS is also used for sending welcome messages, balance notifications, or any other purpose.
    5. Manage housekeeping tasks according to hotel supervision scheme, and follow up the fulfillment of each task to ensure timely, high quality housekeeping.
    6. Facilitate superintendents’ interactive performance by allowing them to access system on the move using their devices.
    7. Multiple search options in rooms scheme to access guest information.
    8. Occupancy rate appears below rooms scheme in the form of quick results that are updated automatically according to results details.
    9. Perfect integration with hotel accounts system to regularly post daily financial operations, TCP/IP- Comfort, hotel restaurant management system, and electronic doors.

Arrivals and Check In :

  • . Searching for Arrivals (Checking In a Guest)
    . Placing an Arrival into Queue
    . Managing the Queue
    . Checking In a Walk-In Guest

    In House Guests :
    . Searching for In-House Guests
    . Editing In-House Guest Records
    . Canceling a Check-In

    Additional Front Desk Features :
    . Room Assignment
    . Room Move
    . extended-stay ( for long-term guests)
    . Wake Up Calls
    . Accounts – Posting Masters (PM) for (Complimentary and House Use Check In)

    New Reservations :
    (Begin a reservation with a rate and availability search. Complete all the necessary fields that
    are required to complete the reservation (i.e. Arrival, Departure, Room Type, Rate Code, Res.
    Type, etc.).

    . New Reservation with Rate Query
    . Pre-block reservations
    . Search and Edit Reservation
    . Multiple Rate Reservation
    . Fixed Rate Reservation
    . Name Change on a Reservation
    . Reservation with Multiple Profiles
    . Reservation with Negotiated Rate
    . Individual Group Reservation
    . Cancel a Reservation
    . Waitlist a Reservation

  • Reservation Options :
    . Agent/ Company
    . Reservation type (GTD/6PM)
    . Changes Reservation status( No Show / Canceled)
    . Confirmation
    . Credit Cards
    . Deposit/CXL
    . Facility Scheduler
    . Fixed Charges
    . History
    . Register Card
    . Routing

    Additional Reservation Features :
    . Room Plan
    . Batch Confirmations
    . Calendar

Cashiering Basics :

  • . Understand Debits and Credits :
    Debit – a transaction posting that “adds” to the guest’s folio balance where the guest consumes
    a charge and owes the hotel for the service. For example, when a guest charges an item such
    as dinner in the restaurant, that charge posts to the guest’s account (Folio) as a debit using a
    Transaction Code.

    Credit – a transaction posting that “subtracts” from the guest folio balance where the guest pays
    for a charge or service applied to their folio. Another way to credit the guest’s account is
    posting an adjustment to a guest’s folio. In most cases, credits are payments posted when a
    guest checks out. For example, when a guest makes a payment, or there is an adjustment or
    correction to the folio, the payment or adjustment posts to the guest’s account (Folio) as a
    credit using a Transaction Code (i.e. Cash).

    . Navigating Folios
    . Posting a Charge
    . Transfer Charges to/from Another Room
    . Transfer Charges to/from Another Folio Window
    . Posting Payments
    . Preview, Print, and File a Folio
    . Split a Charge
    . Adjusting a Charge
    . Adjust an Interface or Night Audit Posting
    . Correct / Edit a Charge
    . Guest Refunds and Paid Outs

    Billing Options :
    . Credit Cards
    . Fixed Charges
    . Posting History
    . Post Rate Code
    . Routing

    Check Out :
    . Cash Check Out
    . Credit Card Check Out
    . Direct Bill Check Out
    . Settlement and Early Departure
    . Reinstate a Check Out
    . Individuals check out

    Cashier Functions :
    . Cashier Reports
    . Exchange Rates
    . Folio History
    . Deposit / CXL
    . Receipt History
    . Cashier Shift Close
    . Reprint Cashier Reports

Nazel Mobile

– Hotel guests use Nazel Mobile to easily request and follow up services from anywhere.
– Nazel Mobile is compatible with android operating system only.
– Application is installed in guest mobile and linked with hotel services to easily receive guests requests.
– The application is to be used online.
Main Functions
1. Register service request and add it to guest bill.
2. Browse hotel restaurant menu and make an order.
3. Browse different reports any time, mainly guest account report.
Key Features
1. Browse free services and the prices of other services
2. Browse hotel sections and rooms images, and check availability and price.
3. Access hotel website via application
4. Browse guest preferred images in application interface with dateline below.
Hotel Professional serves to achieve functional integration by covering daily financial operations relevant to hotel guests and different services:
– Deal with system chart of accounts that hotel uses for financial operations entries.
– Code and apply taxes such as VAT and municipal tax that is applied in most countries.
– Follow up city ledger, AR accounts and settlement measures, collect cash, make discounts, and determine Write Off.

Rooms Management :
Hotel Pro’s Rooms Management module enables employees to view and control various facets
of a room’s condition, status, and availability. With housekeeping, room history, occupancy,
and maintenance information at their fingertips, Rooms Management and Housekeeping
departments work together seamlessly; efficiently addressing areas that need attention thereby
better ensuring guests’ satisfaction
The Housekeeping option allows guest preferences on turndown service or requests service
times for room service. Additionally, any notes that Housekeeping might need for this guest
apply using this option and display on the department’s Task Assignment sheets

(Input required)
Hotel Chart (organization structure and levels / job titles and levels)
Working Shifts

– Changing the Status of a Room
– Room Conditions
– Room Discrepancies
– Attendant Points
– Task Assignment
– Turndown Tasks
– Housekeeping Chart

Additional Rooms Management Options :
– Out of Order / Out of Service (It is not possible to take an occupied or reserved room
to a status of Out of Order)
– Maintenance

A profile is created for each guest containing guest data and identity information.

In the next visit, the guest is added with all saved information. Reservation and check-in is made easily.

Guest profile includes special requests, services, preferences and status information so as to fulfill guest expectations in forthcoming visits

Hotel can organize guest profile and use information for different purposes

Main settings

Hotel professional comprises various settings to run operations according to hotel rules
1. Informative definitions such as hotel name, logo, contact info that appear in reports, in addition to staff, restaurant menu and system users
2. Customized codes such as currency, prices, discounts, services as well as codes for rooms types with their features and images to simplify browsing, online or direct booking
3. System options like the general options that appear for users and menu settings such as guests nationality and kinship.
4. Modules such as reports that administration needs to check frequently, SMS modules used to welcome or notify guests, or alarm modules to remind guests of appointments.
System Administration
Administrator manages many tasks to achieve efficient hotel operations
– Give users privileges according to their regular tasks or temporary privileges for assigned tasks.
– Save external backup, and adjust system settings to make automatic backup at the end of each shift.
– Activate/deactivate some necessary general options such as guest check-out checklist or linking system with electronic doors
– Browse informative indicators in the form of graphs showing hotel performance for follow up and evaluation purposes. These indicators motivate administration and help in studying aspects of strength and weakness to make future development plans.
– Administrator does necessary configuration like definitions, coding, inputs, variables, in addition to monitoring operations and users performance.